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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Cougar is a kind of cat. Taiwan Cougar is going to extinct because of people. Many people is cutting trees and distroing the forest.Cougar is like tiger and cat. I like cougar(but I like husky more) but I just can see it in the zoo.I hope every one can cut the treeless than before, so we can see more animal.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

funny thing

something I forgot!!!

The game is all about Joe,who had a mission in the country chasm,because the chasm was broken,so he had to fix it.Use your mouse ,clilk on the road then you can go!!!!
You can play the others too,
they are all very hard!
Wish you enjoy!!!!!!!!!


today, I touched Lisa's stomach, her stomach is big just like a baby inside! we thought for a long time. But we still don't know about it, maybe she grew fatter . I want to know about it and I can tell her it is NOT a baby, she don't need to worry. this way is better and is not un pollite to the person.

There is three people that is racing for MVP, Steve Nash, Lebron James and Kobe Bryant. I like Steve Nash most ,second is Lebron James and the last is Kobe Bryant. The winner is Nash.He is the MVP ,he get MVP two time.

Hard game!!!!

I have a hard game to introduce.You can play it.
You can enjoy it with Joe!!!!

I went to the Leo Foo village

last sunday I went to the Leo Foo village. It was full of adventures for me ,because I haven't went to there yet before.When we got there my friends went to play the Fire Wheel-a kind of rolller coaster that goes in circles every time.As they went on the roller coaster me and my mom was lining up for another game. We played alot of games like volcano adventure big sea dragon and we saw animals that are cute,I even sit on a horse and look like a soldier.We just went there for half day but it was very very very fun ~~~!

!@#$ My boring weekend !@#$

This weekend my mom said ''You can not play computer'' after that I was sad sad sad . After that I didn't play anything ,because I can't play.....

It Is Boring!!!!!

Sometime I would talked to my mom ,but she didn't want me to play Q!!! Sometime I will said''mom I won't do it again !! But........

\ So sad

About Katie

Katie was 5 grades, she has black hair and black eyes, she is small and her voice is light, but don't think about it was easy to hit her, she is hard to hit, she is strong, she is smart, and I always can't win, but she is funny, and welcome to be our friend.


My favorite festival

My favorite festival is moon festival , because I can eat b-b-q.The b-b-q that we eat is the best food. The whole secrity will enjoy the b-b-q,and the friend that you invie.When the b-b-q finish,then I can go to play in my friend house.That's why I like moon festival.

A crazy day

Yesterday, last night a scary thing happened, when I am watching TV a strange sound came ko ko ko ko......, I asked "Who are you, are you a human?" "ha ha ha I am your dad!"than I went the door and opened it,.....aaah I saw a no face man.(mask)

Science Fair

On Saturday afternoon was Victor's birthday and he invited Ocean class to go to his home to eat the cake. We played polling ball, Atv car, soccer and Atv boat. But when I played the Atv car somebody wanted to chase us, that time I sat behind Victor and I flew away.
I also had made alot of things about the science fair, I made two electricity car and raced them on the ground. See which one go faster.

John introduce

Hello my name is John I am going to tell you about me. My name is John and I am 11 years old. I like to play with my uncle's dog called Didi. His dog is a golden retriver, it is a very smart dog and I like to play Game Cube with my friend. Oh yes, nearly forgot, my name is John.
The End


I went to Victor's home on sunday we played pool ATV, boat when we were playing ATV someone chased us so Victor drove very fast and Howard flew away, after it we ate the cake and and played small soccer and .I wish I can have a party at Eric's home.

Swimming class

Today is May, 9. We have swimming class, our teacher changed, that teacher told us to swim for many times that we are all very tired, but at last teacher let us play for along time. I don't know today is a fun day or a boring day.THE. END


I go to Victor's home on sunday we play pool atv boat when we aer playing atv someone chase us so Victor drive very fast and Howard fly away.

my favorite game and my birthday

My favorito game is kabala island and i like it because it is fun, and it can use many different kind weapon, shirt, pants, hat and shoes.
my birthday is at may seven. and when it is my birthday 6 people came and the 8 people are kenny, joyce, joyce's sister,faith, George and kevin. and we play atv when we are playing atv some body want to use bike and hit us.

My vacation

On 5/7 it was Victor's birthday, me and my mother prepared a gift and we went to Victor's house. It's a tall building also teacher Irene lived in there. In Victor's building we needed to use a card to go inside. We saw George, Kenny, Kevin, Faith, Hawordand Tino! we played many games, it's very fun! Next time I'll go.

My favorite things

Did you know what is my favorite thing?My favorite things is water and foods.Because this two things is the most important things and it my favorite things.I need this things everyday and I need this for whole my life.We need water, if we do not drink water for three~five days we'l ldie.Foods is seven days you will die.


In my weekend, I went back to my grandmother's house. this time I went to Da-An elementary school to play basketball with my cousin and his classmate, my cousin tell me to defended other, and if get a ball and gave him, if someone want to shot then don't let them to shoot. At last we win with 5-7 and we are very happy but we are tired too! We went back, I go to have a shower,then I went to see GASH!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


In May 2nd, 2006 Watoto visited our school, they sang very wonderful! After the show we played Tom Dragon with them they loved it! they also ate with us! and hug each other