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Friday, April 21, 2006

This team is call CLEVELAND.The strongest person in this team is LEBRON JAMES.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

cute cactus

This is the cute cactus I saw in the store that sells a lot of cactus.Isn't it cute?I call them 'Fungicacti'.I also found the cacti that I need for my science fair.But what I need for my science fair weren't this goofy kind.I only need some long cylinder ones.I am going to test the question about why cactus bend.

Friday, April 14, 2006

This team is called PHOENIX SUNS. Steve Jhon Nash is the strongest. He nows how to secondary attack very well ,so he is a good player in Suns.( He got 3 time MVP)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Volcanism on the MoonBy Robert Wickman
The Earth's Moon has no large volcanoes like Hawaii or Mount St. Helens. However, vast plains of basaltic lavas cover much of the lunar surface. The earliest astronomers thought, wrongly, that these plains were seas of lunar water. Thus, they were called " mare " (pronounced "mahr-ay"). Mare means "sea" in Latin. In addition, other volcanic features also occur within the lunar mare. The most important are sinuous rilles , dark mantling deposits ,and small volcanic domes and cones . Most of these features are fairly small, however. They form only a tiny fraction of the lunar volcanic record.
1. Oceanus Procellarum
2. Mare Imbrium
3. Mare Cognitum
4. Mare Humorum
5. Mare Nubium
6. Mare Frigoris
7. Mare Serenitatis
8. Mare Vaporum
9. Mare Tranquillitatis
10. Mare Nectaris
11. Mare Humboldtianum
12. Mare Crisium
13. Mare Fecunditatis
14. Mare Marginis
15. Mare Smythii
16. Mare Australe
17. Mare Moscoviense
18. Mare Ingenii
19. Mare Orientale
Differences from Earth:
Volcanism on the Moon differs in several ways from volcanism on the Earth. First, there is the matter of age. Volcanism on the Earth is an ongoing process. Many of Earth's volcanoes are quite young in geologic terms, often less than a few 100,000 years old. In contrast, most volcanism on the Moon appears to have occurred between 3 and 4 billion years ago. Typical mare samples are ~3,500,000,000 years old. Even the youngest mare flows have estimated ages of nearly 1 billion years. These "young" rocks have not been sampled or directly dated, however, so this age is very poorly known. For comparison, the oldest dated rock on the Earth is ~3.9 billion years old. The oldest sea floor basalts on Earth are only about 200 million (0.2 billion) years old. Because the Moon does not show any evidence for recent volcanic or geologic activity, it is sometimes called a "dead" planet.
The settings of mare volcanism reveal another major difference from volcanism on the Earth. Specifically, Earth's volcanoes mostly occur within long linear mountain chains. Mountain chains like the Andes mark the edge of a lithospheric plate. Mountain chains like the Hawaiian Islands mark past plate movements over a mantle hotspot. In contrast, the mare typically occur in the bottoms of very large, very old impact craters. Thus, most of the mare are nearly circular in shape. Further, lunar mountain chains form the edges of these impact basins and tend to surround the lunar mare. There is no evidence that any system of plate tectonics ever developed on the Moon. Finally, the lunar mare are primarily found on one side of the Moon. They cover nearly one third of the lunar nearside (see figure), but less than 2% of the lunar farside. The surface is much higher on the farside, however, and the crust is typically much thicker there as well. Thus, the primary factors controlling volcanism on the Moon appear to be surface elevation and crustal thickness.
Finally, there are some major physical differences between volcanism on the Earth and on the Moon. First, lunar gravity is only one sixth that of the Earth's. This means that the forces driving lava flow are weaker on the Moon. Thus, the very flat and smooth mare surfaces imply that mare lavas were very fluid. They could both flow very easily and spread out over large areas. Also, the low gravity means that explosive eruptions can throw debris further on the Moon than on the Earth. Indeed, such eruptions on the Moon should spread lavas out into a broad flat layer and not into the cone-shaped features seen on the Earth. This gives one reason for why large volcanoes are not seen on the Moon. Second, the Moon has essentially no dissolved water. The lunar mare are all bone dry. In contrast, water is one of the most common gases in Earth lavas. Water also plays a major role in driving violent eruptions on the Earth. Thus, the lack of lunar water should strongly affect lunar volcanism. In particular, without water, violent explosive eruptions are much less likely on the Moon. Instead, lavas should just flow smoothly and quietly out onto the surface.


VW is preparing 'Legends of the Volcano'VW students and staff are hard at work preparing the newest section of VW, 'Legends of the Volcano.' This section will focus on the myths and legends of volcanoes in many cultures throughout the world. We hope to unveil our new section sometime mid-summer - look for it!

volcanoes video

My life diary

Last last week, my father said that if my midterm test got first three place, then he will give me back me and my brother's PSP. Last week, I had the English midterm test on Tuesday, Thurday and Friday, and Friday T.Claire told me my math is very good, so maybe I can take back my PSP. Now I just have to do well on the chinese midterm test. Today, we had the swimming class, and Yoyo, Ivan, Jhon, Henry and Andy didn't bring the swimming suits. I think they are so poor.

My wonderful life

I am a girl named " Joyce" , I am studying in " Future Heir Billingual Elementary School" such a long name! I was born in Taiwan, I have two crazy sisters and two good parents.
I love to play in water, also go outside with my best freind. Last time I went to Japan and many friends played with me.
In the future I want to be a person that travels all the world, helping someone that needs help. also I want to have a dog. And now I want to be a good student!!!

Future of me

I wish I can be very rich in future,that so I can buy many thing I like, like Bezn's car, big special house, large TV, the most new computer, let my kids can go to a school that is similiar to Future Heir Bilingle Elementary School. And I wish everyone know me, and I can work in goverment, so I can go on the TV.This is the things I wish I can do in future.


Last semester ,I went fishing with my father and my father's friend . When we arrived there and we took out a lot of equiment for fishing. At first we were happy , but at night we still had not caught any fish so my father said let's try it tommorow. In the morning we still didn't get any fish so my father said"I AM NOT COMING HERE ANY MORE!"



Today I will tell you about my winter vacation last year.At the end of the vacation my dad took us to Tainan because he has a meeting there with the other doctors.We arrived at a big,beautiful hotel at allmost midnight.As we walked inside,I was amazed by the big hallway.There were big pictures on the walls(I do not know what it is drawing about).The room was bright by the big light shining on the celing.This hotel is not worse than the hotels at Taipei!

At the way home,my father stopped his car at a bank of a middle size river.I did not know what intresting things I will find there.As I looked at the ground near the river.I saw many crabes there,crawling on my feet.when I move,all the crabes around me dash back to their holes!So it was
really hard to catch them!First I could not catch any,but soon I could catch one or two.The way
to catch them is move slowly towards them(but do not get too close!) and suddenly grab it.But I get snap by a big crab,the way to get rid of it is to swish it in midair(or it will not let go!)This is a
really beutiful place!I will think of go to there again if I could!

Andy's Future( Mabye this is not the real future ! ! )

In the future, I mabye will go to other place to work. Because like if I earn money in America, It
money is bigger than Taiwan . So it is easier to earn alots of money. The thing that I know now of money, USA 1 dollar=30~33 dollars TW .England 1 dollar=58~60 dollars TW. So that why I want to earn money in other country.

My life in the future

At my life in the future, I want to be a cool scientist to help all the people on the Earth and make a lot of fantastic things, and also earn some money to help the people that don't have money to go to school or people that don't have mother and father to help them. Ex: Make a robot to help the people that got a hurt like parkinsoms, because they can't move by themselves so the robot can feed them the rice and food in their mouth or help them to take a walk, a automatic remote, television or computer, some people that want to play something like Xbox, it need a remote to open the television and the automatic computer can help them to find the information or the television to help them find awesome news.
I like to be a scientist because I can help a lot of people and also to earn a lot of money too. So I think scientist is a good job. And I also know Willy wants to be a scientist too.

Jody's record book

Today was my swimming class, I wore my big swimming suit and went to swim.
When I swam, I always felt my dress was going to fall, I played with my friends, and Joanne lifted me up in the water.When we had finished swimming,the teacher let us have some free time, just as I was going to play, my dress slipped down, but it was OK!, because I had pants on under the dress. (OF COURSE!)

My cool future

I think my future is become a actor with singing . I like to be a singing actor because it can go everywhere to sing like Japan .... I like it with a group with singing . Sometime I think I can be a doctor to because I can help a lot of people . I like to help a lot of people .
This is my cool future . If you think it is boring you can comment,and I will see.

Thanks !! If your future

My wish for the future

When I grow up, I would like to be a dermetolegist doctor because my father is a good doctor for helping all the patients that are sick on the skin.
Also my father know about many other things, he is smart and he teaches me all the things that I don't know. That is why I want to be a dermetolegist like my father.
I want to be a dermetolegist because I can help the patients to be more confortable and more happy.

About My Future

In my future, I wish I will be a doctor so that I can help very many people that are sick. I can make new medicine can make people feel good in a second. If some people have no money I will help give them a medicine, when they feel better I will help them find a job, and let them to work then they can buy something to eat !When they can be very healthy , I wish they can say " THANK YOU!" to me.

About Me

I am Eugenia.This is the introduction about my cousin and I.
I have two cousins that live in U.S.A.:Freddie and Alex.
I really like them.
I have got a cousin named Frida.
She is really my companion,too.
I have cousins more than you think,
I am so proud that they have done so much work.
They also think that I'm their companion,too.
For now,Frida is going to go to grade one,
made me happy that she has been growin' up very much.
Freddie and Alex are exited for me going to U.S.A.

A vacation in Vancouver

In summer vacation I went to" Vancouver" because my dad needed to work their. When we went there, it was rainy everyday and it was very very cold. Then my dad and mom went to work, there was a house in Vacouver, it was a high building I lived on the 10th floor and I stayed there. When they came back it was snowing, we went out to play.

My life

Today we had swimming class in PE class. Me, Ivan, Jhon, Henry and Andy forgot to brought swimming suit. It was very boring, so we played the ball outside the swimming pool. Then Teacher Claire sad don't play out their come in. But when we came in the ball fly every where, it is very dangerous. So we put the ball back and wen't outside(it is break time). Many people came out they turn crazy, some people throw teir bag around, even some people's bag stuck on the column. Edgar save the bag. He throw the bag, the bag hit the bag that stuck then it fell down. This is the coolest thing that Edgar has done.

My Future Life

In the future I want to be a famous scientist and earn alot of money.I want to be a scientist because I like science very much when I am small.I always make alot of toys by myself,but my parent always said I make alot trash.Now I still like science alot so I make a robot arm for my science fair.I like science because I like to find thing that no one knows and I like to make thing by myself.I wish I could make a car that can listen to and understand what you tell it to do.The dog house that will feed the dog by itself.

Friday, April 07, 2006

There are some symbols of NBA's team. I like San Antonio Spurs the most. I think the best player in Spurs are Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bad weekend

This weekend is so bord! just review review review!!!!!
Only Saterday have a swimming time! and I have a blog time, so now I want to put some good picture thoes poor children....

Saturday, April 01, 2006


these pictures are cool.