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Monday, March 27, 2006

We do it because we care!

Hi kids, I know that today was not the greatest of days. It is important for you all to know that when we have to say hard words to you it is not because we like getting mad. We REALLY don't.

There is nothing Teacher Claire or I hate more than being angry angry teachers.
It is no fun for you or us.

So why do we do it?

The answer is easy.

We do it because we care.

We care about how well you work.
We care about how happy you are.
We care about your brains.
We care about the way you use these important years of your life.

Number 1, most importantly, we care very much about every single one of you!

Just remember, if you do your best then we can never ask for more.

Please don't forget this.

I know you can all get great scores.

We want to be happy, fun teachers!

Don't let us down!

Don't let us down, kids! We are expecting you guys will have good midterm results. Please do you good job, finish your homework that we ask, and review, review, review, review.......
with love

Sunday, March 26, 2006

An old Train

This is me,with my grandma on an old style train.
This is the train that deliver sugar before.It's pretty nice.In this picture,I'm in ue-mei sugar factory.what'd you think? Isn't it great?

We sat on a small seat on the train.Grandma said that she used to go to school by this kind of train when she is in the elementary school.

On the third picture we saw is the freight car of the train.It real stinks!!!

On those pictures we see ,they're all "narrow gauge train",it's different from our normal kind(I bet the old students problably learnt it).It's only for sugar delivering because sugar had been the most important prouduct of Taiwan.

Too bad,now it's only for leisure activity.It's too expensive to make sugar ourselves.All machines in this factory aren't working.

Crazy family and poor toy

This cool picture is my mom and my sister playing Keroro and money pig, but before she want me to take a picture of her!!! but my sister also want to take a cool picture, so I took a crazy picture! ( But that day no one help me to took a picture! )

Wow! The future of the Internet

I think the Internet in the future will be amazing. If you want to listen to music the movie star will come out and for you or if you want to buy things in the internet you can just put your hand inside the computer sceen and take it.


This is my favorite person in Naruto.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The Future of the Internet

If in the future, I wish i can taste things from the internet, like charlie and the chocolate factory. Put the photo in a machine and change the photo into a million pieces, the pieceswill go into the internet. So we can taste the deliciousthing in the future of the internet.

To Teacher Michael :

Do you like to eat apple? I don't like it ,so can you turn us to lion? And we can eat you! Ha ha !^0^
P. S (teacher Michael if you think it is rude, I am very sorry.-_-){51AB57EC-85B4-49C9-A261-F32840BF4F36}

The Future Of The Internrt

You can search everything by talking, the comprter will search what you want, also if yiu want to know where children are, you can say your children's nawes and birthdays. Even you can be sucked into the Internet to play, sleep and fight!

The future internet

You will be able to type any word and it will give you all the answer s.You can talk to the internet.We can tell the internet to give us food and it will give it to you tje next second.Finally you can smell of the food from the speaker.

Friday, March 24, 2006

The pizza looks so good!

Hello there Rho class. I just wanted to show you this picture as an incentive to review. (incentive = Something to make people do something e.g. Putting a carrot in front of a horse is an incentive to make it walk)

Of course, if you don't like to eat pizza or watch movies..... I'll turn you into apples!



This Friday I go home and watch TV and go to play many toys.My sister is the most beautiful girl in the world!!

The future of the internet

I hope that in the FUTURE, the INTERNET will all be AUTOMATIC. And we can just press one botton so the computer will know what we want, and it wil help us to find The IMFORMATION by itself. But also I would like to have a very small LAPTOP. So we can take it everywhere we want and also don't need the LINE TO CONNECT.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Here is my sister's favorite, she love dog! When she saw a dog she will told me ( OH! I really tierd of it!!! ) and I also love it!!! Also a kind of dog just like my sister!!!


Saturday, March 18, 2006

scary game
you must try it I think it was fun,but i don"t have time to try it!!!,so when you after playing it give comment

a weekend

This weekend we go back to our grangparent house and I play very many thing like PS2 ,dodgeball ,basketball , and every thing I want watch TV.And I go back to my home.

Friday, March 17, 2006

WRITING please Yoyo!

Great pictures Yoyo BUT please put some writing with them. You can do this by clicking "Edit" next to the posts.

Please change them .

Have a great weekend everyone and see some of you on Sunday!


There is some picture of the lightning, it is the picture of nature so i like it alot!


I like the picture of tornadoes because it is very cool but some picture was not real.

Keroro little team

There is some picture of Keroro little team it has many different characters. I like keroro( the green E.T frog) the most.

The picture fom yahoo

This is also the picture I like, because it has a lot of green things and the beautiful river in the middle of the picture but also the sky is beautiful too, and it is like blue and white .So this what I like the this picture.

Monday, March 13, 2006


Yesterday I went to Victor's home,his home is near the school,it was very big,when we open the door,sit the elevator all need a special card,they live in 20 floor it was very high it can see the whole taichung city and I play computer game at their home,inside their home is very beautiful.>_<,+_+,~_~,^_^

Sunday, March 12, 2006

My Grandma

I want to tell you about my grand ma.My grandma is a nice and old person ,she let her grand childs to do any because they will be happy.She always say to her grand childs:It is okay if you are happy.So I like my grandma.
My grandma takes me back when I came off the bus from school and sometimes she will buydrinks for me.So I like my grandma.

My brother

My brother is the smartest in our family, he works hard but he likes to sleep, everytime I bother him when he was reading or sleeping, so did my sister.


This is an funny animals
show~= =