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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My Robot Arm!!!!!!!!!!

I make my robot arm for science fairI change many times,it was diffcult to make it because servo motor just can turn 60degrees.
If you have any good ideas please write in the comment!!!!!!!

My violin perform picture

This is the picture that I am perfoming my violin, I like this picture because I can think about the past and I also can remember it in my mind so I like this beautiful picture.

This is the picture of me cleaning my room myself at 228.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

This is the picture of me and Joyce and other people talkin' to major Hu.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Why I like this beetle picture

I like beetles so I love to have pictures of betles. Also I like to feed diferent kind of insects and cute beetles. If you can I want you to feed the kind of beetle in the picture. It is easy to feed and fun.


These is some of my favorite movies and books picture, Harry Potter. I like this story very much, I allready read all of this storys book in Chinese. I have Harry Potters computer game, books one, five and six. If you want to read it you can come to me. P.S Harry Potter five is English.

A cool game!!

if you play youwill know

This is a kind of Gundam, call Freedom Gundam. It is my favorite Gundam. It is the stongest Gundam in the cartoon, and it has five gun and two light savor, it has wings too. I wish I can have a Freedom Gundam.

Friday, February 24, 2006

My Favorite Books

This is one of my favorite book series.The Lord of The Rings.My mother had let me read all the three Chinese books.I like the two towers the best!
And this is my favorite series too!Goose bumps.I read several Chinese and English ones.I like the Moster Blood the best.But there are still more than thirty books to read!

I would like to choose this picture is because I love angels. Angels are my favorite pictures, because I think if I saw angel, it would make me happy.(I don't know why ? It is strange!)

My favorite picture

This is my favorite picture, it is my father's friend took from America. It is my favorite picture, because I like science-especially the space and eletricty and the picture beside is the space shuttle, under the space shuttle the sun in the end of Earth.
Is the picture beautiful?

A challenge to all students (and parents)

Check out this crazy maze. You will need a steady hand! It nearly drove me to crazy town!!!

Use the mouse to help you find your way to the finish.

I know it looks simple and easy to do. Let's see how long it takes you!

crazy maze.

Warning: It probably wouldn't be a good idea to open this if you have a heart problem :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Ivan cool pants

Today I am very happy because,we have PE class, this is my favorite class.
We dance and play . Everyone is excited because teacher said we can play in Tom Dragon
I play and play but. . . . oops! my pant RIP . My pants are broken .

This is my crazy crazy day!!

2/14 What do we do in today

This morning we had a practice, and it was very cool! In the afternoon, we had PE class, we played a game, I think this was not better than dodgeball or soccer. We played Tom Dragon too. I played ball fight with Michael, Howard, Jeffrey, Edgar, Victor and Andy. I just got hit 2 time, and hit very many time, it was so fun today!

Breaking My Cup

Yesterday , when I am playing with my brother , and my sister brought me a cup of juice and when my sister give it to me and the cup fall into 4 pieces and my mom want me find it all out.

George jumps down

Togay morning we went to the bus practice I sit at the front of the bus and. The teachers let us try how to get rid off danger, first we open a little box then push the button then the safe door will open, I first jump down and every one that is out side looked at me.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Edgar Diary

January,28 2006 Today is our second day at Kauoushung.At morning,we set off from our hotel to the zoo.After a while we arrive at the zoo.First we saw several pisons,some were two or three meters long.Then we arrive at a place to see many kinds of birds like ducks,gooses,chickens, pigonsand eagles.After that,we see gorillas at a place with hightrees to let them climb on.Thenwe saw tigers,elephants,lions andbears.The exit is at a outside waterpool which children play water.At last we leave the zoo with wonderful memories.

Eugenia's game

I enjoy vacation very much. Most of time I read lots and lots of Chinese books. I went in a book which has a coil. I looked and went inside. There, I saw a computer, and a light came out and, however I became a main character in the computer! I walked into a market but be caught by police because they think caling them 'twins' is a great ruin. There is a light bulb(unlighted) and a match box. I opened the match box and burnt the lock. I escaped but the solders got me and I burnt the solders. Now what I can do is take the match and burn all the castle. I did it, and I ate a lighted match. I can spread fire! I ate more lighted match, but the match in the box came more and more. Boom! I went back to the real world and found I still have the power. That's why my mom says I have a lot of hot air in my stomach.

Henry's Dompu trip

On vacation my father wanted to take us to see cherrybloosom, but when we arrived, there didn't had any cherrybloosom! when we wanted to go back, we first see a map see if has a place to let us to go.
We find and find and find Donpu, so we go their to has a trip, we go their and go up to see a rainbow waterfall and walk a rainbow bridge and stone stair, and go back.
My father said next time we will come to camp and go to have a hotspring!YAHOOOOOOOO!

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

I woke up at five o'clock and played computer. I played for about 4 hours and then my sister woke up and ask did you brush your theeth, did you wash your face? And I all said yes.

So I went back to play. And 1 hour later Amy woke up. And I said do you want to play three kindom's story. She said yes! And I watched her play for one hour. And she finished it and I said why you are so fast. Just one hour then you can finish it.

Could you teach me? And she said yes. And she taught me. And I went to the last and finished the three kindom's story. And then we played Kun Dan.


happy winter 2/17/2006
In winter I went to Alisang there was no more hotel to live,so we went to the weather station ,the next morning we went to saw the sun raising we wait until 7:00a.m.and it was cold there,we still sat the train made of Chinese Cypress,it smell very good,there are many trees over 1000years!.
we walk for 3km in the last day,we are all very tired and there was a dog bring us to the place that we want to go these three days!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The day to be a class leader

Today our class have a vote of many kinds of leader. Our class vote the class vote the class leader first, they all vote me, I really don't want to be class leader, but teacher still force me to be a leader, but I still don't wants, so teacher said I just need to do two weeks. So from today I need to be a class leader for two weeks.


In winter vacation, I went to Japan with my mom and sister, also with Robbie's family. In the airplane, I'm over the moon! three hours later ,we're in Tokyo's airport, first we went to our house and we go the shopping ! Oh! my mother loves shopping so my legs was broken! Next day also shopping shopping. And the third day was children day, we went to Tokyo Disneyland, we first put our bag in the hotel, and LET'S GO!!! Wow! we played Snow white, Peterpan,space mountain,Winnie the Pooh......,all are so fun! I love clean Japan!!!

Baby brother and me

I stayed at home in my vacation, but I learned how to take care of my baby brother. My baby brotheris cute. When he cries, I will cange his diper andtry to play withhim or feed him some milk.I also know how to take bath for my baby brother. He is the best and cutest baby inthe world.

A reminder from Teacher Michael

Hello Rho class, I hope you are all having a good weekend.

Remember, if you do not post your Journal (math computation book) before the computer class, I WILL NOT be able to teach you some cool new things to do on our blog!

Good job to: Howard, Jody, Yoyo, Andy and Jeffrey for your diary posts.

Great pictures Victor and Kenny but you still need to write your diary posts.

Alisang(that I went in winter)


On Tuesday we have PE class, it the first PE class, first we danced two times,because many people were bad. Than T.Jade told us one game, it was very fun, and I nearly won the game. Than it is break time. When it is class time , T.Jade brought us to Tom Dragon, we played in Tom Dragon for a long time. I played ball fight in there, with many my friend, at last we all together fight some girls. Today I have a fun PE class, I like it very much.

Star Wars pictures

These are my favorite movie pictures.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happy window cleaners

cleaning windows
Originally uploaded by rho.class.
Here's a photo of Victor and Kenny working hard to keep our windows clean.

Click on this picture to see all the students of Rho!

If you haven't posted your free writing blog yet then please do it now. Good job to all those who have!

My brother and I Hate Friday

I really really hate Friday because today I will have a piano class. In the winter vacation I did not need to have a piano class during the 3 weeks winter vacation. But on Friday the piano teacher will come to our home and teach my brother, Jeffery and I piano. Each piano class is one hour so the piano teacher will teach us for two hours. My piano teacher will first teach my brother. When my brother finishes , then it is my turn. Sometimes my brother will try and scare me. But my mom will be mad at him. My brother Jeffery and I still really really hate Friday's piano's class.( Nearly every time I do not pratice.)

New Year Taipei 101(victor)

This picture is new year taipei 101.
it is so cool.

NARNIA picture(victor)

this is a picture of Narnia.

New Popemobile (joke)

The Pope walked into a car dealership one day to buy a car. A young salesman came out just as soon as the Pope walked onto the lot.
''Hello, can I help you?''
''Yes, I'm looking for a car to drive to the Vatican.''
''We have a wide selection, as you can see. As soon as you find one you like, come get me.''
So the Pope looked around and found a really nice sports car. The Pope didn't have his checkbook, so he said he would come back the next day to buy the car.
The next day he came back and the car had pieces cut out all over the place. ''What did you do to my car?!'' the Pope yelled.
''I was just trying to make it holy for you.''


On Friday we played a spelling game, we almost won but table one win it. They're points were 7 we were 6. It is a little game but I like it, because it can help us review the spelling word funnier then sitting their reviewing and reviewing .I wish we can do this every week!

My favoite picture

This is a picture about Free Style. It is a basket ball game.I like it a lot ,the game will let us do the things that we don't know how to do in real life.So it is a very good game.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Jody's happy day

I am happy today, because I had a computer class, it was so fun, and Katie taught me some about E-mail. In computer class I made a foulder about me in Blogger, it was fun in computer class, I love it. We had P.E. class, too, we went T.Dragon and played something. Someone made me and Katie angry, so we started to have a scary ball game, Yoyo and some people helped me and Katie to hit them. At last teacher saw it, so call us to stop playing throwing ball game. At that time the bell rang, so we went back to our classroom,it was a cool day.
By Jody